Weekly Update, October 21, 2019


Friday, October 25th- 

  • noon dismissal, 
  • Halloween Carnival is from 6:00-9:00, costumes are allowed at the carnival but not during school day, thanks.

Coming events:

Thursday, October 31st-

  • Homework Packets due
  • Halloween and All Saints Day Expectations: (If your child wears a costume on Halloween, he/she must dress up as a saint on All Saints Day, November 1st.) 
  • If your child is not dressing up as a saint on November 1st then he/she needs to be in uniform all day on October 31st
  • Students come to school in their uniform on Halloween and will put costumes on after second recess.
  • Costumes are not mandatory. Participation is optional.
  • No masks
  • No weapons of any kind, including weapon replicas and toys
  • No Clowns
  • No mouth items, such as fake teeth and lips
  • Students will be participating in classes as normally scheduled.
  • All hair dye, face paint, nail polish, etc. must be removed by the next day  (please make sure it’s unscented) 
  • The links below offer some simple suggestions for saint costumes:



Our Halloween Party will be in the afternoon on Halloween Day.  More details will be sent out soon.


Thank you to everyone who attended Math Family Night.  It was a great success!

This week we began a new math chapter focusing on subtraction.  Students learned a few new vocabulary words, which can be found here.  They also learned different strategies for solving subtraction problems.


We continue to work on reading strategies and identify Genres of stories we read in class.  Students are gaining new skills every day. Please work on identifying nouns at home. Students are learning the difference between proper nouns and common nouns.  Anything you can do to help your child understand what nouns are would be really helpful.


We concentrated on nouns again.  Students wrote books about themselves.  (auto-biogrophies!) I introduced the concept that even though we call each other by a name we can be many things.  Students brainstormed and illustrated a list of ideas of who they are. Students began their stories by saying… My name is_________.  Then students chose words from our list that described who else they could be. For example, I am a soccer player. We had the opportunity to read our books to 3A on Friday.


Students continued work in the chapter about praising God and recognizing all the good things he created.  We attended Mass on Wednesday.


Our class took a leaf walk on Tuesday afternoon.  Students collected leaves to study in class. We used small magnifying glasses to take a closer look at our leaves.  Students made leaf rubbings using peeled crayons. We discussed the difference among and between the leaves collected.  If you would like to help your child learn our new vocabulary words please look here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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