Weekly Update, February 7, 2020

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February 7, 2020

Coming Events:

  • 1A students will be taking the winter MAP test on Monday and Tuesday.  Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest by Monday morning. I’m using data to validate instructional practice.

  • We attend mass this Wednesday.  Please be sure students are in full uniform

  • Thursday- Valentine’s Day celebration.  Please be sure your child has a card for each and every student.  Treats will be provided by the Fania family.

  • Friday- No School- Teacher In-Service

This past week went by so quickly.  Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day?  It seems like we just celebrated Groundhog Day!  Monday was filled with creativity and fun building our groundhog houses.  Students had amazing ideas. Fun was had by all. Our class attended the Guild Faire on Monday, also.  Yep, many had cotton candy and sugary treats by 9:30 in the morning. The balloon hats were a big hit. The seventh grade raised over $1,000.00 for their fundraiser!   On Thursday, we filled an ice cube tray with water so we could have ice cubes for our umbrella lesson. On Friday, we finally got to perform an experiment with the umbrellas we made with the seventh graders.  Students made predictions about which umbrellas would protect an ice cube from our sunlight…(a lamp). We put a variety of umbrellas under the lamp and placed an ice cube under them in a cup. We then watched our ice melt throughout the morning.  Each student also chose an umbrella and got an ice cube to place anywhere in the classroom. We used a light sensor to see where the light was the brightest and chose places we thought our ice cubes would last the longest.


We continue to work in volume three of our math books.  Students are learning about symmetry. We used pattern blocks and yarn to divide shapes in half equally.  We watched some educational video clips about symmetry. Students seem to really understand the concept. Students were also introduced to the symbols for greater than less than.  They learned a new dice game to play to practice this concept. We will be having a chapter test next week.


We reviewed the suffixes ed, ing.  We also practiced dividing words into syllables and learned more idioms.  One student had heard the idiom “a bull in a china shop”. He said his dad says it to him frequently, but he didn’t know what it meant.  We have been using the idiom it’s raining cats and dogs. Some students wanted to change it to elephants. A favorite idiom among students is “a chip off the old block”.


Students wrote penguin stories to go with their Lego builds.  Seventh graders acted as editors. After helping edit stories the seventh graders worked with the first graders to type the stories and take pictures of their Lego scenes.  You can view your child’s story in their Google Classroom account. Hopefully we will be printing them and designing covers, title pages, and include information About the Author.


We began Chapter 8 in our Religion book.  Jesus teaches us to thank God, our Father, for all his gifts.  Students discussed what they are thankful for. Everyone had a lot to say.

Enjoy your weekend.

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