Weekly Newsletter, November 11, 2019

Upcoming Events :
An important email will be coming from the office to sign up for conferences in the next few weeks. Conferences are student led, this means your child will come to the conference to share their work. Conferences will be November 22, 25, and 26. Please sign up for a time that works when the link is sent, thank you.

No school dates in November-
Monday, November 11 in honor of Veteran’s Day
Friday, November 22- Conferences
Monday, November 25- Conferences
Tuesday, November 26- Conferences
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday November 27, 28, & 29 for Thanksgiving

Progress reports
Progress reports and MAP test results are in your child’s homework binder. If you have questions or concerns please let me know.

Here’s what we have been up to in 1A this week:

We are getting close to the end of our chapter on graphing. Students will take the test on Tuesday. If you would like to give them some extra practice with graphs and tally marks that would be great. If you follow this link it will bring you to a website that goes with our math series. (eduplace.com) We are working in chapter 4 but feel free to have your child explore the site. There’s some fun educational games too.

Students continue to develop a good sight word vocabulary. Some groups are learning about long vowel combinations. (oa, ai, ay, a_e, etc.) Students are learning about using commas in a series, quotation marks, and question marks.

We used our Lego Story Starter Kit for the first time this week! We reread a story called Scaredy Squirrel. After hearing the story students had to come up with three persuasive ideas to encourage Scaredy Squirrel to come out of his tree. Their Lego builds and their writing were very creative. Next week we will work on writing final drafts of our letters to Scaredy Squirrel.

We finished our chapter about creation this week. We also learned a second type of prayer. The first one we learned was a prayer of praise. Now we are learning about a prayer of thanksgiving.

We are working on completing our review packet. We will take the test the day after you see the review packet come home. If you would like to see our latest vocabulary words go here.

Enjoy the three day weekend!

Maureen Buennagel
First Grade Teacher

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