Weekly Update, November 18, 2019

Dear 1A Parents,

We had a very busy week in first grade.  Our productivity is increasing! Everyone did very well on their Math and Science tests.  Your child and I will be sharing the results of their hard work at conferences. There should be a note in your child’s backpack that went home yesterday explaining how conferences work.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Your child took an end of chapter test, end of unit test, and a cumulative test for the year.

If you would like some fun mental exercises to do with your child try this… have your child tell you what is ten more or ten less than any given number below 100.  For those who are struggling with this, I would start with what’s 10 more than 20, etc. For those who need a challenge begin with what’s 10 more than 15, what’s 10 more than 63, what’s 10 less than a given number, etc.  It’s a fun game to play in the car. We’re also working on learning coins. Anything you can do with money practice would be great. Count dimes, nickels, pennies, etc. This is a great opportunity to practice counting by ones, fives, and tens.


We set some individual reading goals.  We are working on accuracy, comprehension, and fluency.  I’ve seen amazing progress among all students.


We continued work on writing our Scaredy Squirrel persuasive letters.  You will have the opportunity to see these at conferences as well as the Lego Build your child completed to go with the letter.  Some students have finished writing bedtime excuses using Google Drawing. Others will continue the work on Monday.


We’re still working in the Baptism chapter in our books.  We attended Mass and continue to work on treating others as we would like to be treated.


Our science test was a great success for most students.  We will continue to learn about trees in our upcoming studies.

All our students are back in good standing with technology use.  Let’s hope valuable lessons were learned and move on in a positive direction.

We are looking forward to having our Art Docent, Mrs. Nguyen, return to our classroom this coming week to do another amazing project with our students.

Have a great weekend!

Maureen Buennagel

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