Weekly Newsletter, December 9, 2019

Coming Events:

Friday, December 13th: Christmas Program- Please arrive at the Everett Civic Auditorium at 6:45.  The first graders sit with me through the entire program.

For all the details please review information that was sent home on Wednesday, 12/4.

1St Grade Giving tree: Socks and/or tights for newborns (multiple sizes and colors) 

You can see more details here.

Tuesday, Gingerbread Day- 9:00-11:00ish  I’m still looking for volunteers and cookies!


Our week was amazing!  I think getting rest over Thanksgiving break breathed a new positive energy into our classroom.  Students were kind, helpful, and they all worked really hard.


Students completed chapter 6 in math.  I introduced a little bit about measurement.  I was thinking of ways you could help your child with this.  Have you ever thought of Christmas baking as educational? Don’t miss this great opportunity to have your child work with fractions.  Measuring ingredients is a great way to learn about measuring and fractions. Think about pies too! What a great way to bring fractions to life and connect them to real world experiences.


Students continue to make good progress with reading.  What can you do to help? Please make sure your child continues to read over vacation.  There are a lot of Christmas stories out there to be enjoyed! My plan is to introduce syllables, suffixes and prefixes and idioms.  Feel free to begin talking about these things with your child at any time. You can see examples of idioms here.  They are kind of fun and easy to do in the car!


Your children worked really hard this week.  They learned about writing generally and specifically about a topic.  Using adjectives and verbs students wrote about reindeer in general and one individual reindeer (Rudolph).  After completing the pre-drafting guide provided they worked with sixth grade editors and monitors. The first graders did all the writing.  The sixth graders helped guide them and reminded them where capital letters and periods belonged. After the sixth graders left the first graders made hand print/foot print reindeer for the covers of their books.  Now they are working on illustrations. We can’t wait for you to see these!


We celebrated our first week of Advent by making Advent wreaths out of paper.  They are hanging in the hallway and will be coming home soon. We will be attending weekly mass again.  Please make sure your child is in full uniform, especially on Wednesdays. We will be attending mass on Monday, to celebrate the Immaculate Conception feast day.  Speaking of uniforms, please review our uniform policy here.  You can find the information on pages 15 and 16.  There are many students who are fudging the rules.  Please don’t make me send notes home with them. Anything you can do to “clean up” uniform infractions is greatly appreciated.

Have a great week.  I hope to see you Friday night!

Maureen Buennagel


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