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February 28, 2020

Coming Events:

Monday:  Dr. Seuss’ birthday- Reading Day

Students may bring a small stuffed animal, small blanket, a few books, and a pillow

Tuesday:  Community Transit presentation and bus ride.

March 20th:  Save the date.  Zoo field trip- more information coming soon!


Last week we finished up Volume 3 of our Math book.  Students participated in fun fraction activities. Volume 4 will focus on place value and greater than equal to concepts.


Students are moving forward.  Soon we will be working on inferring and identifying a character’s point of view.  We continue to work on fluency and using strategies to break down difficult words into small chunks.  Identifying how many syllables in a word is another skill we work on daily.



Our letter writing activity couldn’t have turned out better.  After mailing our letters at the school mailbox and returning to the classroom we received an amazing e-mail from Mrs. Smeby.  She just happened to be leaving the chapel and was able to take pictures of the mailman arriving at the mailbox and picking up our letters!  I showed the pictures on the big screen and the students were so excited. You should have seen their reaction. I don’t think people winning the lottery would have been as excited as the class was.


We began our study of Lent this week.  Students did an excellent job at Ash Wednesday, Mass.  We have been listening to our Sacred Story music and reflecting about things that make us happy.  Friday, we attended our first Stations of the Cross prayer service.


We have just begun our study of animals.  Students sorted animals into habitat groups.  First graders will be learning a lot about large land animals just in time for our trip to the zoo on Friday, March 20th.  I hope you can join us. The more adults we have attend the more fun everyone has.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Maureen Buennagel

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