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September 7, 2018

We have been very busy in 1A.  Students worked really hard this week.  We are establishing our routines and getting acquainted with each other.  You can be very proud of your child. I love watching the first graders work independently and in small groups and seeing their skills grow so quickly.


Picture Day- Tuesday

  •  Curriculum Night is Wednesday, beginning at 6:15 in the Parish Hall

Here’s what we’ve been up to in 1A:


In math we have been working in our new journals.  Students have been learning new math vocabulary and concepts to add to their journals daily.  You can see all of the words and definitions hereYou will have an opportunity to see the journals at Curriculum Night.


Our reading time is divided into several different activities at the moment.  I’m assessing the students’ skill levels while they are working on building their independent reading stamina and working independently at their seats. We have been discussing reading strategies and building our vocabulary.  Next, students will learn how to choose a “good fit” book. I’m including an attachment in this e-mail that will help you understand how to help with this. Parent_Pipeline_F_Read_Appropriate_level_texts_that_are_a_good_fit


Students are writing a book naming items around the classroom.  This activity includes an introduction to nouns.


First graders are learning about being part of the Catholic family.  They are learning how Jesus is the good shepherd and he watches over us.  We are also working on treating each other with kindness and respect.


Students are learning to be Developmental Scientists.  They are studying the stages of human lives. Working in our science notebooks, students develop an understanding of the various stages of life.

 That about wraps up our week. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I hope to see you at curriculum night!

 Maureen Buennagel

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