Weekly Newsletter October 7, 2019

October 4,  2019

Reminders:  Tuesday, October 8th: Math MAP test

Coming events:  Tuesday, October, 15th: vision screening

Thursday, October, 17th: Math Night 5:30-6:30 


This week students learned that addends in an addition sentence can appear in any order.  We used our number bracelets to help us see how that works. Students also learned about vertical addition sentences and how they look different from the horizontal type we have been completing.  If you want to see new vocabulary for this week click here.  Math Night is coming soon.  Save the date for October 17th.  Families in K-3 (maybe 4?) will come to school in the evening and participate in a family math night.  There will be games to play and activities for students to show parents what we have been doing in class.  It’s short and fun! Join us if you can.


We continue our search for good fit books in our classroom.  Students also added words to their word collector charts when they found interesting words.  They are learning to use them in their writing. It’s amazing how creative first graders are! When reading stories in class we attempt to identify which Genre they are.  I encourage you to do the same at home.  Our new vocabulary words can be found here.


Students completed their Ten Black Dots book this week.  In the coming week we will be naming things we see in the Fall.  (These will be nouns). Students will complete a writing project using these words.


We completed our 3rd chapter.  Students listened to Bible stories from the Gospel of Luke.  They learned about St. Augustine, who was selfish but began listening to Bible stories at Mass and changed his life.


Each and every student who took the Science test this week earned 100%!!!  I believe this is the first time a class has done this. Good job 1A! In our next unit students will be learning about plants and trees.  There will be some tough vocabulary words to learn. For example, deciduous.  So take a look around you and point out evergreen trees and deciduous trees!  That will help a lot.

I hope you all have a chance to enjoy the sunshine.  Have a great week. If you have any questions, please ask.

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